Night journey at Vittoriale
between lights, music and poetry

Beyond my fate

“Each of my awakenings was like a sudden birth into the light.
I was born every morning.”

[D’Annunzio – Laus Vitae]

On the highest hill of the Vittoriale stands the circular structure of the Mausoleum, the last form in which d’Annunzio decided to represent himself.
In the circle each point is simultaneously a beginning and an end. By recreating it, light becomes a tale of the “ambiguity of death and life,” as the poet writes in Laus Vitae.
A light show surrounds the poet in the centre, on top: “Beyond his fate”.
As a modern Ulysses, d’Anunzio teach us show to live life as an adventure of knowledge and experience.
In a continuous gift of himself.